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19-20 April 2012 Kyiv City State Administration, in partnership with an innovative park BIONIC Hill, UDP, and the competition by "innovative breakthrough" holds Innovation Forum «Kyiv City Open Doors». At the presentation of the project innovative BIONIC Hill Park and features Ukrainian inventors come from a list of 15 leaders of 35 leading venture funds in Silicon Valley. Among them: Gigi Wang, Joshua Bauer, Mark Ivanovo, Bill Tai, Jim Smith, Kelly Porter, Heidi McCormick, and others.

Venture capitalists in Silicon Valley pleasantly surprised by the high level of training of Kiev and Kharkov IT-specialists, a large number of interesting projects of capital development and global nature and scope of their use and purpose. They noted the unexpectedly large development potential of the capital of Ukraine in the direction of IT-technologies, confessing that did not count on this level of the Kiev specialists.
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