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Since 1967, when the first radiant heaters appeared in Sweden,
millions of people in the whole world have entrusted heating of their
houses and working premises to infrared heating. In the recent years of
economic crises and fuel shortages, when gas and oil prices soared up,
we can offer to you reliable and economical means of heating – Bilux
infrared radiant heaters.
Our company started to manufacture infrared heating devices in 2004
and now we produce 6 models range, which can heat both a small 10
sq.m kid’s room and big warehouses and workshops.
Here are the main advantages of Bilux infrared heaters and heating
· Economic life – 20 years (with 3 years of warranty);
· Thermal efficiency - 95%;
· Ceiling mounted (not occupying floor space);
· Do not burn oxygen;
· Ready-to-install, not requiring any licenses or permissions;
· Considerable economic effect, if compared with other types of
electrical heaters;
· Fire-safe and ecological;
· Maintenance-free operation.
· Attractive price police and quick pay-back for final consumer.
Our service package will teach your installers and sales team how to
calculate the heating expenses and cut them with smart energy-saving, as
well as provide repair service.
Our products have gained positive response on Ukrainian and CIS
markets, each year our sales grow more than 40%. We invite you to join
Bilux family and mutually develop the markets of European countries. In
the attachment you will find the retail price list for Bilux heaters 2012.
With a strong confidence in mutually beneficial cooperation,
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