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Diet and Nutrition

The effect of diet and nutrition on cancer prevention and recurrence (the return of cancer after treatment) is one of the most studied topics in medicine. Although the role of diet in heart disease or diabetes is fairly clear, it is not as clear for cancer. Researchers continue to learn how various nutrients affect cancer growth and development.

In this section, current evidence regarding the relationship between diet and cancer is reviewed.

Alcohol: Find information on the link between alcohol and cancer.

Foods and Major Nutrients: This section introduces the complexities of studying diet and cancer and the role of nutrients in food, including dietary fat and dietary fiber. It also reviews the research on protein and dairy products.

General Nutrition Recommendations: Find recommendations for vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and meat, fish, and poultry.

Nutrition Recommendations During and After Treatment: Find recommendations specific to people undergoing or finished with cancer treatment.

Plant-Based Foods: Learn more about the relationship between the active compounds in plants and cancer prevention.

Vitamins and Minerals: Learn about the role of vitamins and minerals in cancer prevention.

Diet and Nutrition Resources: Find additional resources about diet, nutrition, and cancer.
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Risk Factors and Prevention of Cancer
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